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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Register Now to get 1.5 pips Rebate

What is Forex Rebate?
Forex Rebate is the Money refunded by the Company or Individual to you. When you signup with them, the broker will pay the commissions to you every time you closed a trade. This commission is usually paid directly to the trading account.

Why choose InstaRebate?
The InstaRebate service offers the HIGHEST rebate of 1.5 points for each transaction completed. InstaRebate guarantees to credit rebate to the trading account within two days after the position is closed. In other words, you trade during the day, and on the following day the rebate of 1.5 points on each deal (with at least 1 point of profit/loss) is credited to your account. Moreover, InstaRebate provides timely and helpful support service and guarantees reliability and fast payment of rebates.

How to Open an InstaRebate Account?
In order to participate in this program, you must register your account using instarebate affiliate link as provided in steps below.

1. Open a real trading account with instaforex company Click the Link below to open a instarebate account.

When you arrive at InstaForex website you will something like below:

Just click the link like I showed above and you will be taken to the next page.

2. The first that you will see is the “INITIALIZATION” page where you will be asked about the status of your trading account (which is “Individual”) and your email. And then “PERSONALIZATION” page where you will have to fill your address and other stuff. The last page is the “ACCOUNT TYPE” page where you will be asked about your trading account settings and it will look something like this below:

Don’t forget to put INSTAREBATE in the affiliate code field. This is very important! After you click “Open account” you will be taken to the confirmation page and your details will be presented to you.

3. Complete your registration and save all Account information.

Next step is Activate Rebate on InstaRebate account.

How to Activate Rebate on InstaRebate account?

After you have a new trading account you must activate your account to receive the instarebate.

Click the link below to activate your trading account.

Remember : For the “Account” field just put the new trading account that you opened with InstaForex several minutes ago. For the “Full name”, “Telephone number” and “Email” just use the same with what you used when you opened a new trading account several minutes ago. When you finish filling the form just click “Send” and your data will be registered with our system automatically.

The last thing that you must do is to deposit money into that trading account and then START TRADING!

Your rebate will be sent directly to your trading account in just 48 hours after you close your position.

How to work InstaRebate?
You opened a position on EUR/USD of 1 standard lot (1 standard lot = 10 InstaForex lots) and then closed it. Regardless of its results (with at least 1 point of profit/loss), you will receive 15 USD for this position within 2 days. For a position of 5 lots your rebate will be 75 USD. The total rebate is calculated on the basis of the sum of trades.

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