Zulutrade Review

ZuluTrade is the largest free automated forex trading service today. Over 1500+ signal providers are available, and more than 500 of those show a net profit for the last 12 months!

ZuluTrade offers free auto trading on almost a dozen brokers, and MetaTrader 4 accounts are supported. There are no commissions or fees – all you pay is the broker's spread.

Well ZuluTrade is basically a platform that brings together some of the finest forex signal providers from around the world. They monitor each signal provider's performance in good detail and permit ordinary traders to trade the signals generated from any provider(s) they select instantly in their account.

So let me show you exactly how it works:

Basically you sign up to zulutrade and either open a demo account and practice with a fictional balance of $50,000, or join 1 of their recommended brokers and open a live account with real cash.

Then you merely pick out which signal vendors you wish to trade, based on the vast array of overall performance data offered. Zulutrade will then immediately trade the signals provided in your account. All you require to complete is pick out the size of your stake and then sit back and watch the results.

It is possible to choose to instantly trade the signals from just one particular provider or as many as you wish. I propose starting off with a single or two low-risk and consistent profit makers very first of all.

It is a completely free service. The only cost is within the spread, but if you pick your signal companies wisely and make healthy profits then you won't even notice this small charge.

Is Zulutrade a Scam?

I’ve been aware that many people ask that is zulutrade a scam? I think not. Zulutrade provide many best of traders out there, I can argue that many people backfire because they cannot use a proper size of money management, which is use an over leverage margin that burn they account when the drawdown arise. That’s why I suggest to use a conservative money management to grow our portfolio, in order to stay survive in the market. And the best part is zulutrade provide a very helpful risk meter feature to calculate risk profile of the money that we are risking.

If you are not sure that zulutrade provide the best trader in the world, you can open a demo account first. You can see their performance, and follow them with virtual money freely. If it seems benefited your account, then you can sign up with their available brokers to trade with real money and start to grow your portfolio.

Zulutrade Live Account Brokers

Zulutrade is trusted by many forex famous broker such as FXCM, Interactive Brokers, Alpari, Saxo, etc. This proved that this platform offers a great deal for many forex traders. However, I recommend you to sign up with AAAFX broker, since there is no commissions or monthly membership. AAAFX offers a completely to free to use forex signal with zulutrade, that all you have to pay just a standard cost for brokerage. This happens because zulutrade original broker is AAAFX. But if you want to open with your another broker that available, that’s fine. You can do it to, but remember there is an additional fees for that. Just make sure you open with the broker that you can trust. While using AAAFX, I had a great time with their customer service, and most importantly I never had any problem in deposit and withdrawal wire to my bank account.

ZuluTade review Pros:

a)free fully functioning demo account (can easily try without committing money)

b)wide choice of traders (‘signal providers’) to follow

c)good choice of brokers in different countries (also means choice of account currencies)

d)customer comments directly on signal provider profile pages

e)low ongoing cost (spread only)

f)no entry cost and low minimum deposit requirements (trade from $300)

g)advanced risk and money management features

ZuluTrade review Cons:

a)for every successful consistent trader (‘signal provider’) there many more poor and inconsistent ones (bit of a wild west because anyone can become a provider).

b)‘signal providers’ are not required to trade using their own money.

c)money management can be complex for non Forex traders or beginners.

d)requires regular monitoring until the right mix of “signal providers” is selected.

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